The Traverse des Sioux Library Cooperative offers many different Internet search engines each listed listed with an explanation for each. Please feel free to use any or all listed here. Library patrons can also access each of these search engines in the drop down under the Search menu item. Simply let the mouse hover over the search menu item.

  • Library Catalog -
    • Searching here will search inside the TDS Library Catalog - books, movies and music
  • Overdrive -
    • This search engine searches all the ebooks available through TDS.
  • MN Link -
    • Search here for access to articles.
  • ELM -
    • Searching here shows results from ELM (Electronic Library for Minnesota) which gives Minnesota residents online access to magazine, journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles, eBooks (online books), and other information resources. ELM provides information on a vast array of topics, including consumer information, arts and humanities, current events, health, science, social science, politics, business, and more.